Frequently Asked Questions

What is Deal with the Devil?

Deal with the Devil is a tough-love fitness app that helps you stick to your workout goals. When you enter into a deal with the devil, you put at least $20 on the line and agree to have your workouts verified.

Why do I have to pledge money?

Most fitness apps charge you up front and never get used. Deal with the Devil flips this on its head. By harnessing the power of loss aversion (people fear losses much more deeply than they value gains), our app is far more likely to get you off the couch and into the gym. And, unlike other apps, it's free.

Do I get anything if I complete my deal?

Yes, you will have successfully developed a regular workout habit, which is something few apps can promise. If you are reading this far, it’s because you want to make a positive change in your life – and once you complete your deal, you will have achieved that!

How do I verify a workout?

You must take a picture to prove that you're completing your workout. Our team will verify each photo.

What are the rules for taking a workout picture?

You must be partially visible in the picture and you must be in an obvious workout setting (ex. gym, yoga studio, spin class, home gym, etc.)

Can I pause my deal?

Yes, you can pause your deal if you are experiencing a health issue, an injury, technical difficulties, or other similarly extenuating circumstances. There is a button in the app's menu to help you pause.

What constitutes a deal failure?

There are two ways to fail your deal: (1) At midnight on Sunday, you have submitted fewer pictures in the last week than your weekly workout goal; or (2) One of your workout pictures that is needed to meet your goal is not in an obvious workout setting or you are not visible in the picture.

What happens if I fail?

You get an email asking if the failure was legitimate. If we receive no response within 24 hours, a charge on your credit card of your committed amount will be automatically initiated and your deal will be over.

What if I forgot to log a workout or had a technical/health issue and couldn't submit a workout picture?

We realize that occasionally life gets in the way or people forget to bring their phones to the gym. Please send us an email at as soon as possible (and before your week ends) to explain your issue. We will try to work it out with you.

Can I do more than one workout in a day?

No, only one workout per day will count. A day starts and ends at midnight.

What is considered a 'week'?

Except for your first week, all weeks are Monday to Sunday. Your first 'week' may be shorter - it will run from your starting day to the following Sunday (and workout quotas for this week will be pro-rated).

What amounts can I pledge?

Our fitness app is special in that we have a minimum pledge of $20 (although you can go as high as $200). You probably know what specific amount will motivate you, but we want the stakes to be high so that it is too painful for you to fail.

Do you support non-fitness-related deals?

Not currently. If you think we should support another type of deal, please email to let us know.

Can I specify a beneficiary for the money pledged in my deal?

Not currently. We want there to be zero incentive for you to fail at your goal. Also, our team verifies each of your workouts and works hard to constantly improve Deal with the Devil. Collecting fees is how we compensate our team.

Something not covered in this FAQ?

Send us an email at We'll be happy to fill you in.

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