Why is it so Successful?

Added 2 months ago

Ever signed up for a gym membership and paid the monthly fees only to use it just a few times? Ever bought a set of workout DVDs only to abandon the program half-way through? Ever purchased workout equipment only to have it gather dust in that forgotten corner of your place? We know the feeling. And there’s a reason why it happens.

There is one key fact that sets you up for failure in each one of these situations – you’ve already paid the money before actually working out. Once the money is out of your pocket, your psychological attachment to that money is gone, and a big part of your motivation leaves with it.

Deal with the Devil flips that conventional logic on its head. You don’t pay anything when signing up or when making a deal. And you don’t pay anything over the course of your deal. The only time you pay is when and if you fail – and this is critical. This will mean that each and every time you are deciding whether to work out or watch Game of Thrones, the pain of losing your money will loom above you like an angry cloud. And you will get your butt into the gym. Not because you want to, but because you have to.

Deal with the Devil takes the decision-making out of your workout plan. And that’s really the hardest part of sticking to your goal – deciding to work out. And it’s funny, because you probably do much harder things all the time. Going to that job interview. Studying for that test. Preparing for that meeting. Why is that you can get the motivation to do things like that, but fumble when it comes to working out? It’s because in these three scenarios (the interview, the test, the meeting), you have no choice – you have to do them. And so you do. Deal with the Devil makes working out just as simple.

Take the decision-making out of working out. Make a deal with the devil today.

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