Do You Actually Want It?

Added 1 month ago

Quitting smoking, working out, eating right… these are all things that deep down, we know we should be doing.

But why do you set out to form a habit?

When we make a New Year’s resolution to change, part of our brain already feels reward just for having made that commitment. Telling others about your commitment has a similar effect – your brain rewards you with a feeling of accomplishment, even before that first step on the treadmill.

But there’s a big difference between making a commitment and sticking to it. It’s estimated that 90% of New Year’s resolutions fail. That’s because showing up is harder than just talking about it. Think about the New Year’s resolution you just made this year. Do you actually want it or do you just want to want it?

If your goal is working out, and you actually want to make that change, then an app like Deal with the Devil, which keeps you honest until the habit is properly formed (we recommend a minimum of 6 weeks) will be invaluable.

On the other hand, if you just want to want it, then you may be scared of this app. Although your risk of failure is low (we have an over 95% success rate), you probably won’t sign up. But come back next New Year’s Day if you actually want it then…

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