About the Organization

Who are we?

Deal with the Devil was founded by Vlad Duta and Tom Skopek, two former procrastinators who were converted when an unconventional workout plan changed their lives by giving them the discipline they needed to stick to their workout goals.

How did the idea for a 'deal with the devil' start?

A few years ago, Vlad was a corporate lawyer and Tom was a financial analyst. Work was uninspiring and their physical fitness had taken a backseat to other concerns in their life. Both of them wanted a change. One day, on a whim, they decided to make a bet with each other - to work out 5 times per week for 8 weeks or pay the other $20. To stay accountable, they would send each other pictures in the gym as proof of their workouts.

What happened as a result of this bet was the inspiration for Deal with the Devil.

Over the next two months, things in their lives started changing. First, the workouts gave them a boost of positive energy they had not felt in months. Sleeping became easier. After a month, they started seeing the physical results on their bodes. And it encouraged them to eat healthier. They found themselves noticeably less stressed at work. At the end of the two months, they were in the best shape of their lives and had the pictures to prove it.

Once the bet was over, Vlad and Tom were surprised at how many things in their lives had improved just by diligently sticking to a workout routine. Sticking to it not because they wanted to, but because they had to. It made them wonder what else they could accomplish through proper discipline. Within a few months, they quit their jobs and committed themselves to working hard towards their true goals in life.

Now, three years later, they are both software developers and entrepreneurs. That's their job. But their mission is to help others build their own habits of discipline to acheive what they truly want in life. Starting with exercise.

Why did we create Deal with the Devil?

We realized that the number one thing standing between people and their true potential is discipline. We want to change this.

Deal with the Devil is based on a 'tough-love' approach, which is the most effective method we've encountered for building discipline. Over 95% of our users are able to stick to their workout goals. Join them and start seeing results, both physical and mental.

Want to make a deal?

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